The Sisters of Charity of Jesus and Mary

The Sisters

Our mission as Sisters of Charity of Jesus and Mary (SCJM) is to reveal that GOD IS LOVE, especially to the poor and the abandoned of our time.

The Sisters of Charity was founded in 1803 in Lovendegem, Belgium by Peter Joseph Triest and Mother Placide. On 2nd July 1804 the first Sisters of Charity pronounced their first vows and decided to devote their lives to “the caring of the poor and destitute”

The Belgian SCJMs came to Lahore (then undivided India) in 1897, and were involved in various ministries with great zeal and ardour. However, due to adverse climatic conditions and lack of facilities some fell ill while others met with untimely death. On 21st February 1901 a new foundation was started in Dalhousie, a small hill station in the state of Himachal Pradesh. The year 1937 saw another foundation in Amritsar, the holy city of the Sikhs. Both Dalhousie and Amritsar witnessed the upheavals of the partition period.

21st December 1958 was a red- letter day in the history of the Indian province of the SCJMs: the first batch of Indian aspirants was welcomed to begin their formation in the newly opened novitiate in Amritsar.  From then on a steady flow of aspirants from various parts of India joined the novitiate for their initiation into the SCJM way of life.

Thus, with a very humble beginning in Hulhundu in the district of Ranchi, the SCJM presence in India expanded with great rapidity. The time between 1962 and 1993 saw 27 foundations spread in 14 states and 20 dioceses in India. As the time passed both the provinces grew and expanded and presently there are 25 and 27 foundations in Ranchi and Delhi respectively.

Find out more here:

Find out more about the India chapter of the Sisterhood here:

SCJM Sacred Heart Convent, in Chogawan, Punjab, India


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